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TaiKai USA Registration

TAIKAI USA / Kunoichi Kai 2017 is targeted for the March / April 2017 timeframe.   Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us then!

The annual US TaiKai event, a continuation of Soke Hatsumi's work in traveling and teaching the art of ninjutsu / Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, brings together instructors at the highest level to share their insights into this fascinating and unique martial art.

For 2016, Hatsumi Soke has organized a special training event in honor of his teacher, the previous Grandmaster, Takamatsu Sensei.   This event will be held in Japan the first weekend of April, 2016.   Out of respect for Hatsumi Sensei, his event takes precedence, and the US TaiKai will not be held this year.   The next US TaiKai will be held in 2017.

TaiKai USA brings together master teachers of this art to share their perspective and experience.   This special event is targeted for early 2017, tentatively March /April.   Stay tuned for details as the time gets closer.   Mark your calendars and make plans to be there - it will be fantastic, as always!

Stay tuned for the latest news on our Facebook page, or you can email us ('info [at] taikaiusa [dot] com') for info or to be added to our mailing list.

We hope to see you at TaiKai USA / Kunoichi Kai 2017 - Don't miss it!